"The Work of Byron Katie is a Blessing for the planet." Eckhart Tolle


Individual Sessions


The Work is always free at thework.com. But sometimes it is helpful to work with a Certified Facilitator  Becky brings a fun approach to The Work that can help you turn your tears into laughter.

By Skype, phone, or in person.

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Together: The Work for Couples (ITW Telecourse)



No matter how long you’ve been together, and whether your relationship is perfect or could “use a little work,” this 6-week Tele-course helps you drop your stories and meet the amazing person sharing your life.

ITW Credits = 10


Play in The Work

The Work of Byron Katie


Come spend a day “playing” in The Work. This workshop teaches you how to use The Work to question your thoughts, stop beating yourself up, and free yourself from suffering. 

This is a fun day!

ITW Credits = 6


Wonder Woman Wednesdays

The Work of Byron Katie

Women Supporting Women through The Work of Byron Katie

Zoom Meeting ID 724427207

Wednesdays 6:00 - 7:00 pm MST


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Upcoming Workshops & Retreats

The Work of Byron Katie

The beautiful red rocks of Sedona provide the perfect setting for The Work. Other workshops at the Sedona Creative Life Center will be made available in 201 9. Stay tuned for more info!