"The Work of Byron Katie is a Blessing for the planet." Eckhart Tolle

My Story


How The Work Found Me

My name is Becky Miller and The Work of Byron Katie found me on New Year’s Day, 2016, at my favorite store in Sedona,  Crystal Magic. I was standing in the book section, when a woman walks over to a shelf, picks up a book, gives it a big smooch, and starts dancing and twirling around with it, hugging it  like she just found her long lost best friend.

Byron Katie Loving What Is

Best Bargain Ever

That book was Loving What Is, by Byron Katie. 

“That's a great title,” I thought, "Plus, I really like her hair.” I'm not sure if it was the lady dancing, the title, or Katie's hair, but I bought it and started reading it that very night.

From the beginning, Katie's words resonated with me. It made so much sense that I decided to try The Work on a relationship    that was  bothering me at the time. 


Like Water to a Duck

I asked myself the 4 questions, I found some turnarounds, something changed in me, and all my problems with that person went away. I felt only love and compassion for someone who's face I wanted to rip off only a few minutes before.

It was an honest go God miracle.

I can still see me sitting there in my kitchen, laughing my head off, tears streaming down my face, going “Holy crap! This stuff really works!” And immediately after that thinking, “I have other problems! Let me make a list. I wonder if this works on everything.”

Three years and hundreds of hours of training later, I became a Certified Facilitator to help Katie move The Work in the world, and especially in my part of the world, northern Arizona.  

My deepest gratitude to my beloved Family of The Work around the world. Your love and support have taught me that there is, indeed, just one family on this planet.