"The Work is a blessing for the planet" - Eckhart ToLLE


The Work of Byron Katie

Play in The Work

Play in The Work

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Becky Miller,

Certified Facilitator

"Why not?"


This is my puppy, Teddy, and if you haven't yet tried The Work of Byron Katie, Teddy wants to know,  "Why not?"

Every day,  millions of people all over the world use The Work to question their stressful thoughts and transform their lives in ways that amaze them. They are solving problems, mending relationships, and learning to like themselves. All with 4 little questions and some turnarounds.

As a Certified Facilitator of The Work, my focus is on the play.  Although Katie says, "We don't call it The Work for nothing," she never said it couldn't be fun.  And to me, there is nothing more fun than doing The Work. 

Whenever I submit a stressful though to inquiry, I come out of it feeling like an innocent child. That is a brand new feeling for me! I am often giggling at the same thought that caused me so much pain just moments before.   It feels like a miracle, every time.

The Work is easy, it's fun, and it's free at thework.com.  If you would like the help of an experienced Certified Facilitator, I am available and my rates are reasonable.  

Either way, I encourage you to give The Work a try!

Because if you don't,  you'll have to answer to Ted. 

Wonder Woman Wednesdays


Women Supporting Women through The Work of Byron Katie.

Ladies, please join us every Wednesday evening at 5:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time (MST) for a fun-filled hour of doing The Work with your girlfriends.  

Two Goals of WWW

Wonder Woman Wednesdays has  two goals:

    (1) Reclaim our power.

    (2) Stop beating ourselves up!

Learn to question your stressful thoughts in a safe environment with some other very cool women. We all have the same problems, and no subject is taboo!

How to Join

All WWW meetings are held by Zoom. 

To join, go to http://zoom.us.

Click on "Join Meeting."

Enter Meeting ID Number 724427207.

Play Like Katie

When you're in Byron Katie's presence, whether it's at a School for the Work or watching her on a You Tube video, you laugh a lot. 

No matter how painful or difficult the topic, Katie sees the humor in the situation. She teaches us that it's OK to laugh at ourselves.

Find out more about Katie and The Work at thework.com.

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Got a Problem? Do The Work!

Feel free to contact us with any questions, inquiries, or to schedule an appointment. 

Play in The Work

PO Box 346, Rimrock, Arizona 86335, United States

(928) 600-1299


By Appointment Only



Private Sessions

Doing the "The Work" with Becky is like reaching into the pocket of your soul and learning about yourself in ways that you never dreamed were there. For some reason in which only "connection" can explain, I personally go deeper when Becky facilitates/guides me. She has an uncanny intuitive sense of what to say and where to go next in the meditation of "The Work."    - CB, Virginia Beach, VA

Couples Workshop (Teleclass)

I am a therapist and I've done couple's therapy on and off for years. My wife and I found more peace in our relationship, security in ourselves, and love for one another in these 6 weeks than we ever did from years of couple's therapies - that includes a  total of 4 different couple's therapists. So thank you!                                                                          -  LM, Woodstock, NY

“This course was AWESOME! Learning and practicing The Work of Byron Katie helped my husband and I connect in a new and deep way. Becky and Marilyn created such a safe space for us to practice doing The Work on our own thoughts and facilitating each other. My husband and I were able to do The Work on some of our nagging issues and experienced major breakthroughs. We grew closer as a couple by learning to do The Work together. I loved this weekly class and am looking forward to taking more courses with Becky and Marilyn.”  - BB, Lafayette, CO