"The Work of Byron Katie is a blessing for the planet." Eckhart Tolle


The Work of Byron Katie

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Becky Miller

Certified Facilitator

Come Out and Play


Why not?

I've heard Katie say "We don't call it The Work for nothing," and the notion that work is hard is practically a universal belief.

But  whenever I do The Work, I come out of it lighthearted, feeling like an innocent child. I am often giggling at the same thought that caused me such pain moments before.

It is a miracle, every time.

And when I serve as a facilitator, I get the extra thrill of seeing clients transform before my eyes.


So for me, The Work is play. It is the happiest activity I've ever known, and sharing The Work with others is how I plan to spend my remaining years on this planet.

I agree with Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie and many others that there is only now. The present is all we have and all we've ever had. 

The big question, and perhaps the only question, is how do we spend this moment?

I say we play. And I invite you to join me. 


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Play Like Katie

When you're in Byron Katie's presence, whether it's at a School for the Work or watching her on a You Tube video, you laugh a lot. 

No matter how painful or difficult the topic, Katie sees the humor in the situation. She teaches us that it's OK to laugh at ourselves.

Find out more about Katie and The Work at thework.com.

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